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Long Time No Post

So, what's up with me? My last post was right at the end of May, so we'll take this thing month by month.

Worked at New Providence Community Pool doing maintenance and guarding. Worked at Summit Area YMCA as a Lifeguard Supervisor. Worked in Township of Maplewood for Rutgers providing tech support for township.

Worked at NPCP as a lifeguard. Went on vacation from July 4-11 to Michigan. Helen and I went on a nice road trip to Mackinac Island. We were going to visit Canada, but there was some concern about getting back into the US without a passport. After my nice vacation, I had that "vacation afterglow" totally ruined the day after I got back when I was pulled over by a cop for driving through the yellow bulging line thing behind a left hand turn lane at an intersection, in order to get to said left hand turn. That is apparently illegal, counts as passing in a no passing zone, and is a 4 point violation. I get to go to court for that on Tuesday. Returned to work at NPCP and continued to be my usual crabby, yelling at kids self.

More of the crabby yelling at kids bit. On Tuesday, in addition to going to court, I get to start handling the managing of the pool. I'm getting off the guard stand, something that will brighten my mood considerably, I despise actual guarding. The sheer boredom of it irritates me greatly.

September and beyond
Going back to start my final year of college. I'm getting my bachelor's, finally.  I'm looking forward to being out of college. 

It's late, I'm tired, more at some other time, it is bed time.
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