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College Class Ring

So, I graduate in May.  I received a mailing about the Josten's rep being on campus this week for class rings.  My mom wanted me to go and order a class ring.  I finally get around to dealing with it today, for the record I'm kind of apathetic on the whole thing, don't wear rings and don't care that much.  Now, I forgot where in the Student Center it was being done, so I ask the lady at the Information Desk.  She rudely informs me that the lady has left.  I ask if she will be on campus tomorrow, I'm informed that no she won't (never checked incidentally).  I go back to the atrium and sit down and start messing with my laptop.  Now here's what I don't get it, for something that I don't really care about and not sure if I would really wear.  Why am I depressed that I missed the rep entirely and almost feel like I'm going to cry?  What the hell is up with that?  Is it bad when I don't understand me?
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