Thomas Cox (fox43) wrote,
Thomas Cox

Holy Crap! He's back!

Hello all, it's been a while. I've been off finishing up that whole crazy college thing. In addition, I've gotten a job since last we spoke. In March I was offered a job with a company called Real-Time Technology Solutions. I accepted that job and started on June 5th. I since went through 6 weeks of training and I now test software for a living. I work in downtown NYC and take the train into New York at 7 in the morning, this requires me to be up at 6. Which means I'm already past my bedtime.

After graduation, I went to South Dakota to visit my grandmother and all my relatives on that side of the family. I will have pictures and stuff to post here at a later point in time. I'm keeping this short for right now, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am indeed alive and well. More from me later, possibly tomorrow, maybe not though, don't want to give anyone a heart attack from two posts in a row.
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