Thomas Cox (fox43) wrote,
Thomas Cox


Yesterday I finished up my 7th and final season as a lifeguard at the New Providence Community Pool.  Said my goodbyes to my coworkers and friends, promised that at the very least, I'd be back to visit them next season.  The only way I return to the NPCP next season is if I get a job as a manager.  My butt will not be in that guard chair next summer.  The closeup was the usual total mess.  Steve decided that every chair must be scrubbed down before it gets stored away, even though every chair will be scrubbed down next May when they get pulled out.  I learned that one of our end-of-season maintenance guys is totally horrible with all things mechanical.  He turned taking out the lane lines into a long complex task that I ended up taking away from him and finishing in a few minutes.

Dragged about 75-80% of the picnic equipment around before the guards finally came over to help me, just in time for the easy part.  From what I was able to follow after 13.5 hours at the pool, I don't think we actually finished and one of the managers is there today finishing stuff up.  I'm really not sure, I was badly out of it from exhaustion by this point. 

Today, I realized that on the evaluation I received from Rutgers concerning graduation, they had my graduation date as October of 2005, which would mean that I'm actually done with classes.  This is of course, a mistake.  Then after I got to Rutgers, parked my car, got out, locked my keys in the car.  This is not a good start to my week.  Got the RU Police to come and break into my car.  The rest of my day seems to be going okay at the moment.
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