Thomas Cox (fox43) wrote,
Thomas Cox

Something big must have happened or Tom wouldn't have posted

So, what's happened since my last post? Since I don't have access to the net as I write this, I'll just start from January 1st.

January 1st, much sleeping, blessed sleeping. This is due in part to me getting sick.

January 4th, Career Fair at Rutgers, I talk to 19 different companies. Some of them look good, others don't. A couple don't have a position open that I would come close to fitting, but take my resume anyway. One company is looking for people in my field but doesn't feel I'm quite what they need, returns my resume to me! They got removed from my list.

Later that day, Helen arrives for a visit. We get to spend a wonderful week together. We exchange presents, I got a Nintendo DS.

January 12th, Helen has to leave, much sadness.

January 17th, classes start. I learn that my Info Vis class is not learning Flash this semester and that my World War 2 teacher is a real stickler for attendance. Continue with dull drudgery of school for the next few months.

January 27th, waiting to hear back from Nintendo on a tech support issue. One of the companies from the job fair calls me, RTTS, and does a phone interview. At the end of the phone interview they schedule a time for me to come in and do an in-person interview.

February 1st, go into New York City to do a test run of where I'm going for my job interview, then I start my new hours at the YMCA, working 12-8 on Wednesday. I'm now being supervised on Wednesday evening by a high schooler. This high schooler happens to be one of the people I've been supervising on Sundays for the last year. So, that's a little weird, but as long as he leaves me be, there won't be a problem.

February 3rd, job interview time. I take a 25 question exam, then have the ~45 minute interview, and fill out a job application. I thought the interview went okay, but could probably have gone better, I should have really prepared for it. It's my first interview though, so not bad for a first try. I learned this evening that NJTransit was running a Student Free Transit week, I could have saved 24 dollars on train tickets had I known.

February 4th, go to NYC again, with my friends Whitney and Jing. We go to the MoMA and see the Pixar exhibit. Afterwards we go back to Whit's house and watch Toy Story 2, which he had not seen.

February 5th, go to work from noon to 6. The high schooler from Wednesday is in subbing for one of my regular Sunday afternoon guards. As usual, he causes me some trouble, not fun working with him. He warns me that he can make things difficult for me on Wednesday evenings. This was a really bad move on his part. I made it clear to him, I hope, that if he tries anything with me on Wednesdays, I can make things a lot more difficult for him the rest of the week. With luck, this will not come up again.

February 6th, on my way to school and my phone rings. It's RTTS calling me and asking me to come in for a final interview with the President of the company. Holy crap, these guys move fast. I had been told at the end of the interview that it would probably be 2-3 weeks before they contacted me, it was 3 days. I arranged with them for me to come in on February 15th for that interview. I'm really excited right now. While I don't want to get my hopes up, it looks like I could have a job for after college pretty soon.
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